Get a Complete Answer to "What is a Jonah?"

There are all kinds of terms used to describe someone who is lucky or unlucky, check site for lucky tips. Words such as blessed, favored or perhaps even cursed have crossed the lips of many people around the world. There are some terms that are stranger and a bit misunderstood. What is a Jonah in terms of gambling and what does it mean to be one? In a nutshell, however unpleasant, it means that you are bringing bad luck to a room or a table and people want you to leave.

Anyone who has ever read the Old Testament in the bible is probably aware that the term comes from the name of a prophet who was swallowed by a giant whale after having been commanded to go preach in a city called Ninevah. As the story goes, he was afraid to spread the Word of God and boarded a ship in an attempt to escape his duty. God, seeing him attempt to flee, caused a massive storm to shake the ship to its core and the other sailors, in hopes of saving themselves from the wrath, threw him overboard so they could safely reach their destinations. Of course, God's will was for Jonah to eventually reach Ninevah and so he did.

There are other stories that are similar in scope such as the Shakespearean play known as "Pericles". The hero, the namesake of the play, loses his wife to death during childbirth. Afterward, a giant storm moves in and threatens to sink the boat in which they reside with US online poker. As such, the rest of the inhabitants throw the wife's body overboard, deeming it bad luck, only to have the waters return to calm shortly thereafter. Some folklore also suggests that mermaids, being desperate for love and affection, will send violent storms to batter or even sink ships carrying handsome sailors. As such, there was a time when the sailors deemed the "best looking" of the crew would throw themselves overboard in the face of such peril.

So, what is a Jonah? In today's world, it is anyone who may be viewed as a bringer of bad luck. Even on modern fishing vessels, if the first pull of the season is a small one, a new crew member may be labeled as such. Fortunately, however, he won't be asked to walk the plank or tossed overboard; he will likely be asked to leave the vessel at the port, not to return. In gambling, the answer to the question of "what is a Jonah?" becomes a bit clearer. Imagine a group of men and women at a blackjack table when someone new comes along to buy in and gamble at online sports gambling. Suddenly, everyone starts losing left and right where they were previously profiting. This person is quickly labeled the Jonah and may even be asked to leave the table.

So, as you can see, you don't have to run away from God's command, get swallowed by a whale, lose your wife during childbirth or even believe in mermaids to be labeled as a bad luck charm. Sometimes, you just have to be at the right place at the right time - or is that the wrong place at the wrong time?